Kitchen / Bar Wear

The success of our kitchen wear clothing comes from focusing on creating exceptional standards of fabric performance.

The range continues to be updated, with the guidance of user feedback, wearer trials and new manufacturing techniques.

With the use of Coolite fibres, the garment remains cool and breathable, even in the warmest of conditions. 

The finishing touch for a unique corporate image, can be to identify each garment with your company name and logo, which can be embroidered discreetly or boldly in the position of your choice.  Personalised names are also very much used.

Innovation comes in the following ways:

  • Comfort in all working conditions.
  • Fabric performance - new fabric coatings and finishes.
  • Functionality & practicality of the garment.
  • Professional image of our clients - 'Stand out from the Crowd'
  • More comprehensive choice of style and colour
  • Safety in the workplace